How do I make a booking?

Please fill in a booking request with the following details:

1. Date and time required

2. Age and number of children

3. Location
4. Any special requirements 

We will reach out to our team to see who is available and suitable for the booking. Once this has been decided we will be in touch to confirm who the Sitter will be and their contact details. 

Make booking here. 

We are not sure how many hours to book?

In this case we suggest that you book the hours that you know you will need, and then arrange with your baby sitter or nanny to extend if required. Please make any overtime payments direct with the sitter.

My baby will be very young when we require care. Are you able to provide care for babies under 6 months?

We have provided care for babies from 8 weeks old. We do require babies to be immunised if care is taking place under 6 months of age and we will work with you to ensure your baby are cared for by someone suitably qualified/experienced and that you are comfortable with.

What do we need to provide during care for our child/children?

Families will need to provide all food, drinks and other items required such as nappies and wipes. Sitters are responsible for bringing their own meals and snacks.